A computer is not a business. It is a contraption that creates, stores or transmits information if someone like you tells it what to do. If you have an Internet connection, you are hooked up to the world. You have a tremendous library of useless information and valuable information. You have access to tons of free information. You can a take a course in Quantum Mechanics taught by a professor in India. You can look at pictures taken by the Hubble of galaxies millions of light years away. You can check the weather in Tokyo, the snow depth at Snow Basin, Utah and the amount of damage done by the most recent tornado. You can contribute to this mass of information. You can work from home on your computer using this information and your own resources. One way to work at home from your computer is simply by adding more information. You create a website solely for the purpose of supplying information desired by the public or by a special group. You establish yourself as an expert in some area of knowledge. You allow advertisers like the search engines to put advertising on your site. You get other sites to link to your site and you link to them. You associate only with sites that have quality relevant information that relates directly to what is on your site. You issue a newsletter and invite visitors to subscribe at no cost. You provide more information by email to those who have your special interest. Don't underestimate the value of this method. It has made lots of people rich. What is your passion? Create and sell your own products. If you are a photographer you can place your photos on sites that are available to you where folks copy your photos. To do so, they must pay for them. You can sell the same photograph over and over again. If you have a site, you can sell copies, posters, or even screen printed oil paintings of your photos. And you can take that camera and photograph wedding and receptions and other functions right in the area you live, perhaps using the computer for your photo processing. If you are clever or artistic, you can make and sell your own artistic or practical creations on the Internet. You can have your own site, easily created by sites that cater to crafters, or you can sell them on eBay. My brother-in-law is a professional artist and sells paintings on his personal site. I'm an amateur painter and I give my paintings away--if someone will take one. You see that you can work from home on your computer but watch out for scams and systems that are overly exaggerated or compromise your ideals. I don't suggest taking surveys or "typing. " Successful survey workers have to lie to get past the qualifying to get to a paying survey. I refuse to do that. And some typing jobs are pitiful, the ones that have you searching for specific information and entering it into a form. You will be working for pennies if you are lucky. You can sell other people's products. I'm talking about real products like cameras and yo-yos. You find a vendor who will handle the product for you. You can go to affiliate networks like Commission Junction, and find vendors who will pay you for selling their products--and you will not have to take orders or ship product. You will not even have to deal with the customer. You get CJ links to the vendor products you want to sell and put them on a good information website where the audience is people who like cameras or yo-yos. This can be a very profitable method to work from home on your computer Another way to work from home on your computer is to work with a distributor and list his products on your site. He would drop ship the orders to your customers but you would have to take the order, collect the money, and send the order to the distributor. That is how I sell flagpoles at my flagpole site. My vet son buys and sells flutes and whistles and sells them from his site and to a prime email list of flute players and whistle blowers. You can get paid for writing on the Internet. You submit articles and get paid if they are popular and receive many views. I do this but I have not made a living at it, others do. There are digital products galore that you can sell through ClickBank. You can create your own digital product and sell it there. I have not done that yet, writing my own product. I keep thinking about it. It must be a good product with expert information. I'm an engineer and have some special areas of expertise, at least I use to have such information, but I think you can be too specialized for ClickBank. They are just ninety minutes from here in Boise so I could drive up there and have a chat. I talked to a girl up there on the telephone and she told me that survival is a hot topic. I build a site without thinking, and as usual, I made it too broad. Well, I'll plaster it with ads from outside sources. Have I tried all of these methods? Yes I have, all but one. I have not sold any of my own creations, but I am thinking about the photography thing. I have tons of photographs of mountains, birds, animals and grand kids. And great grand kids are coming by the dozen. I got a beautiful shot of a Ring-necked Duck and his mate two days ago. Maybe I could monetize that. If you decide to go into the activities above ideas,which tell you how to work from home on your computer, I suggest you learn the basics of Internet Marketing. I have belonged to an elite community of gung ho marketers for four years. There is were I learn, and relearn as things change, the methods of building a web-based business.