Last Saturday, since we had nothing better to do in the late afternoon, DH brought us to Greenley Park. I packed 2 baked corns, a few nectarines plums along since we usually have some snack in the late afternoon. When we reached there, the usually quiet park was scattered with people. There was some kind of charity event going on. Then we saw a group of children crowded around something. Best of all, they are easy to maintain. Quite true la since you could just put them in the park, they will just eat the grass off the ground. So economical, right? I told DH that if we ever want to have a pet in our family, tortoise would be the one. But DH said, are cold-blooded and all they do is to eat and eat and eat all the time. They will never show you love even if you love them. Hmm I guess we won be having ANY pets for a long, long, long, long time. After that, we found a place to have our fruits. The boliao family then decided to have a Eating Contest It was a contest to see whose face is the ugliest when eating the corn. haha. (PS: This is my blog so I get to choose the pictures don complain, DH. lalala.) After we had our snack, we played some ball games (soft base ball and loitered around the event booths, and took some more pictures with the dogs, a clown, a and a This is definitely a nice, relaxing and very enjoyable family outing. We had a wonderful time together and we left the park only because it was time for us to have our dinner. Days at the park are so fun, easy and free! You will never need a cash advance to enjoy fresh air with your kids! Every time we see colorful foliage, Nikita would say "秋天来了, 叶子变颜色了." (Autumn is here, and the leaves change its color.) So, I thought it is a good time for her to know the four seasons in Mandarin. 1. We created the above "art pieces" together. I cut out different colors of autumn leaves from construction papers and Nikita helped to glue them on the paper. And she glued some fallen leaves too. (Good observation. ) Next, we used some cotton balls to create the snow and I cut 2 snowflakes from a piece of white paper. The other 2 seasons are easy to create, just glue some flowers and leaves cutouts. 2. To reinforce the above lesson, we did these drawings together. The drawings are pretty much drawn according to Nikita's understanding of the seasons with some helps from me. For Summer, I would ask her what she did/saw in summer. She said she went swimming with Daddy and she had a yellow floaty ring. So I drew a girl, with a swimming ring, swimming with her daddy (the small head at the corner is her daddy. Haha.) I made my first sushi rolls today! Avocado, Egg Honey Ham sushi. Quite a failure because the fillings (especially the avocado) kept falling out. Luckily I didn cook too much sushi rice and had some leftover braised chicken drumsticks from lunch, so if DH or Nikita doesn want to try my sushi, they still have something else to eat. | cheeky Nikita brought her vegetable set to cut the veges with me!| her avocado vs mine| May I have some eggs honey ham, mommy?| Nori stuffing| rice on nori| Nikita eating her nori while I made my sushi| Ready for rolling into sushi| Finished product, looking not too bad| I made 2 rolls, and only 4 of them looked presentable for phototaking. | Yesterday was a cool and sunny day, so I brought Nikita to the farm after school and had a picnic there. We love Parlee Farm. Besides going there to pick fruits, feed the goats sheep, cut fresh flowers, we love playing in their Hay Play Area during autumn. They arranged the haystacks into a small maze and it was really fun to just walk in it or on top of the haystacks. Nikita also likes to jump from one stack to another, of course not without me helping her though, because she couldn jump that far. Then Nikita pretended to be the boy blue who slept under the haystack and I had to her up several times. It was really an enjoyable afternoon and I hope we can do it more often before the farm closes in end October for winter. Since yesterday, I no longer camp at the school parking lot because my little one is adapting well to her school. Well, she is still crying a little and not wanting to go to school in the morning, but otherwise she is doing fine and happy. With 2 hours of free time on my hand now, suddenly I just don know what to do Watch K-dramas on youtube? Nah too addictive. Clean the house? Maybe because in-laws are visiting in early October but I am really not in the mood to do it now. Go shopping? Nah boring to do window shopping leh anyhow spend DH money mah!. -_- Work out? Hmm considering my ever expanding waistline, I really need to hit the gym soon. Ok will have to make a trip to YMCA real soon. I love their heated swimming pool and gym equipment, maybe it is time for me to enrol to be a YMCA member again. Aiyo dilly dally for the whole morning and it time to pick Nikita up! Got to go now! Oh ya, do share with me how you spend your time when your children go to school, ok?