"But I found that being an artist and doing accurate work is very difficult." "But I the only one who can paint the moon, because I the only one who knows whether that right or not." "But something will happen, I don know what it is that will finally encourage people to band together with other countries and go to Mars." "Eventually there are going to be cities in space." "History has spurts and then is steady, and then maybe even backing up a step, and then forward again." "How much money does the administration want to put forth to do this kind of exploration." "I can remember walking on the moon." "I don see that changing very much and so I think we take that money and use it to build a space station." "I don think we going to see a sudden jump in the budget other than inflation." "I feel like everyone who goes to The University of Texas is blessed and lucky to be there because they getting a chance to be as good as they can be." "I feel like there too many paintings left unpainted that I just don want to take the time away." "I find color schemes that I just like and that just feel right." "I found I have to stay painting." "I had always wanted to be a pilot when I was a kid." "I have the nicest life in the world." "I may live another 20 years, I may never live another week." "I think everything depends on money." "I thought a lot about it and decided that in the long run it was more important for me to try to create the paintings than it was to try to mass them together and put them in a book." "I wanted to fly them all, and I found out that if you became a test pilot you could fly them all." "I was interested in how big was it relative to the hatch, or something else that was in the painting." "I was more of a frustrated youngster, wanting to be an athlete, never really wanting to be smart." "If I could make a book show up tomorrow, I would do it, but I just can at the moment take time away." "If they cut the space station next year, I hope they don but if they did, it not the end of the world." "It seems farther away now because there are no rockets getting there. Nobody is going." "It took me eight years to realize that I was the only artist in the world who could do that in my paintings." "It turned out for me that flying airplanes was naturally fun." "It hard not to be excited when you going to find a way to land on the moon." "Maybe all this will inspire some kid to go try to be a pilot or an astronaut." "My concern is that I won live long enough to do the paintings that I should do." "None of us know the timetable, none of us know whether it going to happen rapidly or it going to happen very slowly." "Nothing other than the movement of human beings off the planet out into the Universe; first the Moon, and then Mars, and then who knows where; is just beginning and there is nothing that can stop it." "One of the biggest surprises when I got into flight training was seeing all these people that wanted to be pilots." "One of the great things about the universe is that it fair." "People would be just as happy doing the same things." "So I been concentrating my efforts at least for the past number of years on Apollo." "So it worked out fine, but I never imagined that we would stop and I would have to say that all of us at NASA felt that the program would go on much stronger than it actually did." "The moon is very rugged." "We could have seen that it cost a lot of money and it was repetitive from many people points of view, certainly the Congress and many of the news media." "We don need to worry that next year they decide to cut the space station." "We knew it was going to be difficult to get to the moon. We didn know how difficult." "We going to eventually have a wonderful space station." "What I see mostly in other space paintings is they will mix flight hardware and suits with training hardware and suits." "When I became an artist, then I wasn interested in any of that stuff anymore." "When you are flying spaceships, its completely different from drawing them and painting them because when you are flying them, you are interested in how they work." "When you young, you think it the moving that makes you feel like an outsider or makes you somewhat reserved or shy." "You never know, I 60 years old. You never know when you going to die." About this wikiQuote Categories American Revolution QuotesAviation QuotesComic QuotesCriminal QuotesCulinary Arts QuotesExplorer QuotesFictional Character QuotesFighter QuotesLiterature QuotesMusician QuotesPhilosopher QuotesPresidential QuotesReligious QuotesRoyal QuotesScientist QuotesSpace Exploration Quotes